Firm Profile

"They are process-oriented rather than academic and produce experimental yet approachable work... [their] architecture has a more modest, quiet goal: to integrate Southern California modernity with San Francisco conservatism, and to produce a practical, style-free contemporary aesthetic."

-Zahid Sardar, San Francisco Chronicle


AT6 is a design build company that integrates the practice of architecture with the practicalities of construction to create innovative and personalized spaces.

Led by second-generation licensed architect and general contractor Jason Langkammerer, AT6 is a tight knit family of designers, carpenters, and support staff who break down the silos that separate architects from builders. Our integrated design build process provides a continuous feedback loop between design and construction for constant refinement. Value engineering is not a phase for us; it happens at every step.

We take responsibility for our clients’ experience from initial design to handing over the keys. We know construction can be fraught with anxiety, so our process provides a low-stress experience by scrutinizing budget, schedule, and buildability early and often. Communicating clearly and honestly, we guide our clients through a collaborative process towards a product that is thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted.