We believe there is beauty in pragmatism.  We use the hard facts of each project as the fundamental inspiration for the visual language.  Form follows function.  For us, it truly does.

Beyond our design philosophy, our goal is to empower our clients as well as protect them from the trouble spots all projects present – budget overruns, bad decisions, and adversarial relationships.

AT6’s process is designed to engage our clients in a dialogue and provide them with the language to help co-author the design solution. At the outset, we do a careful study of function, a discussion of the client’s tastes, a survey of sustainability goals, and acknowledge the realities the budget and other pressures exert on the project.  From there we filter that information through our experience and training.

Because we seek consensus-based solutions, we work best with engaged clients.  Our strengths are patience, respect, and humility.  In return, we ask our clients to trust us.  Although we are the professionals, we know that the final product is yours, not ours.